Food Blog Audits

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Want more traffic, sponsors and success for your food blog? Our custom audits help optimize your site for higher SEO rankings so more hungry readers find your recipes.

We evaluate important technical factors and recipe content best practices. You'll get actionable tips to help your site reach its full potential.

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Don't just take my word for it!

Managing a website can be challenging, and I often overlook important behind-the-scenes details that need attention. Recipes They Want gave me valuable insights into the inner workings of my website, helping me gain an advantage in the competitive blogging market of 2023. I'm grateful for their recommendations on enhancing my website's SEO and user-friendliness!

- Tabetha, Tabetha's Table

Shariq did an outstanding job reviewing my website and comparing it to best practices. He provided excellent advice on areas for improvement. Initially, I thought I should wait until I had more content published, but I'm glad I did this audit now. It revealed gaps in my knowledge and awareness. I can now move forward, confident that my content will be effectively optimized for SEO. The changes I need to make to my existing content and site structure feel much more manageable. Shariq explained everything clearly, leaving me excited and empowered to grow my site. I'm extremely grateful for his assistance!

- Holly, The Sweet Simple Things

What's Included in Your Food Blog Audit:

Your custom audit report

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Our audit process

Our comprehensive food blog audit comprises a suite of over 100 tests, meticulously designed to assess various aspects of your website. These tests align with industry standards and are similar to those employed by leading search engines such as Google to evaluate the quality and performance of your site. Here's a detailed overview of what our audit covers:

  • Thorough site speed and performance checks
    • Individually conducted for both mobile and desktop platforms
    • Key metrics like LCP, FCP, Blocking Time, and CLS
  • Comprehensive Google accessibility guideline checks
  • In-depth crawlability and indexing analysis
  • Identification and resolution of technical issues
  • Review and optimization of metadata and SEO titles
    • Correction of truncated or short Titles, Meta descriptions, and Headings
    • Optimization of Heading usage (avoiding non-sequential, keyword stuffing, improper case, illegal symbols, etc.)
  • Guidance for optimizing images on your website
    • Optimal image resolution, file format, alt text, snippet qualification, and SEO best practices
  • Effective recipe content formatting tips
    • Best practices for recipe card, table of contents, ad placement, and ingredient presentation
    • Guidelines for demonstrating E-E-A-T through content quality, expertisedisplay, and trust-building elements
    • Enhanced practices for author bio, sidebar, and category pages

Start growing with food blog audits

Take your site to the next level. Our expert audits analyze your recipes, SEO, site speed, and more to unlock more traffic, revenue, and opportunities.

We take care of the heavy lifting so you can get back to creating compelling recipes and content. No more guessing - our data-backed insights will show you exactly how to optimize your site.

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